Like everybody, I've had a lot of pain in my life and I'm a work in progress. You must
have a true desire to see the world from a different point of view, and that comes with growing up. Walton Goggins

Art Work

A selection of my art work.  I love Mixed Media and Upcycled Art.  I also love Art Journaling.

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  1. It has been two years from me since I broke completely into bits and pieces of someone I no longer knew. Art saved me. You cannot seem to put those pieces back the same as they were. And, most likely a good thing for me. I have learned to settle but be prepared to run at a moment's notice. I know where ever item of mine is, in this house. I will have the motor home to put things in to. I am watchful and alert tohow fast I can pack and go. Sad, but so. I have committed to a new relationship as well ( my best friend's husband, and my husband's best friend, from Yuma, Arizona). I am a blessed woman. I have a beautiful home, a kind and gentle man, and I am comfortable. That is what counts. Comfort. I have changed so much, but, as I said, art has saved me. I am so happy to hear you are beginning to thrive. xoxoxoxo